Sunday, June 1, 2008

I left the house!

So I went to the 1964 concert last night. I made it a whopping half hour into it, yay me! I got really dizzy walking over there--partially, I'm sure, because I haven't done much in the way of physical exertion for a while--but Camille said that I got really pale looking too. Dang it. I'm already pale! 


The concert was good. Derek showed up, and even though he didn't have a reserved seat, sat with us anyway. But the staff never made him move, so it's all good. Sitting up for me is really hard--hence the lack of school this past week--so after a while I just needed to go back home. 

But something fun and not illness related:

I submitted a poem to a literary journal in North Carolina. I should know in like 3-6 weeks. My teacher says it's tough to get accepted on your first one, but I don't care--tough does not mean impossible! And I've finally got something out there! I'm really excited and I hope that they at least give me the benefit of a handwritten note. The guy on the phone seemed very nice when I called them, so hopefully he'll be the one to read it too. 3 weeks....that's right around my birthday, how cool would that be?!

And I need birthday ideas. I want to have a shin-dig of a party. I need to figure out where--I don't know if my house is gonna work, but it might--it is quite a bit larger than where I used to live. I want to send out invitations, but I need a theme first. I just might get really crafty on this one--gasp! I think I want a tiki party, but I want a pinata too. Can you have a pinata at a tiki party? Chocolate cake isn't exactly tiki either, but I'm having that so maybe it doesn't matter. And maybe we'll all go to the Splash park afterward--since it's free--and that'd be fun! Yay for living close!

Okay, it's party research time :)

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