Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ice machines and foam noodles

I went out to Albertson's and Wal-mart and K-mart and Broulims this weekend. It was fabulous. I only bought those tasty little wafer cookies and some sushi. And rented some movies too. But at Albertson's they have an ice machine that prepares and bags it right there! And the helpful Albertson's lady even let us look inside the machine. So here's us being foolish with the ice machine. Sorry for the sad quality of camera phones, feel free to stop it whenever.

Then we went to K-mart and I forgot to take pictures there, but it was Kyle and Melissa against me in a vicious game of Hide and Seek/Marco Polo. And when they finally did find me, Kyle beat me with a pool noodle. Right in front of the pharmacy. And they didn't even care. Heartless folk. 

At Broulim's I saw the TA for my English class that I dropped and we chatted for a little bit, and that was all good. I'm sad I'm going to have to re-do my papers, but maybe we can work out a deal or something. Like, I grade for him and start where I left off. Yeah, that'd be nice. But I doubt it. But here's to hoping. 

Wednesday I get my camera test. I'm pretty scared to tell the truth. But hopefully they'll have some answers in a week. Otherwise I'll be getting quite sick of sushi, the only thing I've found that doesn't hurt me lots. Mmmm, I love it so much. I feel like a traitor to spaghetti. And those little caviars. I love those. Like I love capers. Which I haven't had since the last time I went to Johnny Carino's (hint hint to anyone that would like to take me).

I've got to stop making every post about food. It's damaging to me I think.

And Rachel: I'm still working on your surprise. I promise to have it by Tuesday. I think. Take my promise on the condition of feeling well. But I'm trying haha!

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  1. riiiight... its coming "soon" beth uh huh! ;)