Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I saw my roommate's baby today and he is absolutely beautiful. And of course she looked amazing, which I know is something that I'm going to have to hope for myself, someday. Who knows how she looked early this morning, but right now she looks great. Congratulations Susan!

I have drank my weight (which is shrinking!) in Gatorade and water these past two weeks, but today I tried the Lime Rain flavor---SO GOOD!! Even with medicine mixed into it, holy cannoli, it was delicious! 

But I want a big, huge, gargantuan plate of sushi when I'm feeling better. 
 Something like this....mmmm yeah, that'd be good :) In all actuality I'd probably get 5 pieces in and feel stuffed. I wonder how the world of eating will change for me once it starts again. I'm supposed to meet with a dietician when they figure out what is going on. I'll do exactly as she says because I don't want to be sick like this ever again, but if she can get some sushi into my diet I will send her a Christmas card every year!

Okay, I need to whip out a poem for class...wish me luck!

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