Saturday, September 3, 2011

Google friend...what? They're the same!

I was thinking today about how I loved T9 on my old phone because I could start writing a word and it would finish it for me.

Then today while trying to fix my other post I read about google scribe. It is a text prediction "app" for lack of a better word.  I will type out a word or two and it will start adding the (but giving me the chance to reject) other words following. Okay, let me give you an example. I'll start writing a sentence with "Today" and we'll see where it takes me...

Today I am going to... That's what it started. Like when you search in google for something and then it pops up suggestions. The tricky part is to accept a suggestion you hit space. But sometimes I just want a space, and not the word. But it's new, there will be kinks. And that is why proofreading is KEY! (Don't hassle me if I have something wrong haha)

I see this being my new favorite writing prompt. Kinda like this site...

Totally go there and try it out. I think between the two of these I might get back into writing. Remember back when I wanted nothing more than to be a writer? Yeah. I wonder why that never happened. I have written a lot, and people say it's good, it just doesn't seem good enough to me I guess. I submitted a poem to a publisher once. I'm pretty sure I still have my rejection slip.  But it was hand signed :)

When I was living in Iowa I listened to a radio show every Sunday night. The host described it as "a radio drama show with radio actors, sound effects, and music and and everything?" It was incredible. To have your story on the show you had to submit the script AND your rejection slip. The more slips the better. It was awesome. I swear, publishers don't know what's good! I still remember the stories. I'm sure my parents thought it was weird that I would slip off to bed at 8:45 pm to make sure I got everything done and ready by 9 and got my radio set, because seriously, it was non-stop awesome for the next hour.

See, I told you this writing prompt stuff made you write more. I haven't thought of this show for years. Many, many I have got to find it somewhere. I-tunes saved the day! 27 episodes. Thank heavens this medicine has wired me. I am going to go listen. EEK! Ah, even the intro music is making me giddy. Please, go listen to one. Maybe even Artie Azzetti one. He is this precocious child who gets into trouble. Kinda the Dennis the Menace of radio? Love it. Toodles folks! It's time to listen to magic.

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