Saturday, June 12, 2010

I got to see my love!!!

He surprised me on Sunday! I was supposed to see him on Tuesday of this last week, but when I got to church he was there!! I was shaking I was so happy! I spent all of Sunday-Wednesday at his house (coming home to sleep and shower and then I went back). It was absolutely perfect. Next time I see him for sure is July 28th! I'm hoping to go to the temple on July 10th, and I should be able to see him that trip. And I'd love to see him another time before that. We'll see though.

We've got almost everything for the reception and it's all sitting on my floor in my room. My room's a mess right now but I don't want to clean it up because I don't know where to put it all! I thought about putting it all in my closet, but that's really just hiding the problem haha! All we need to get now is a few more little containers to hold the centerpieces, the food (how much ice cream do I get?!) and borrow another punch bowl. I'm thinking I might want some white Christmas lights too, but I haven't decided yet. Ian is actually pretty helpful in all of this, but when both of us just don't care about a certain thing, like decorating, it's hard to make a decision.

School started for me on Monday. It's just one class, "Intro. to BYUI Online Classes", and it seems okay. Kinda just seems like busy work right now, but I guess it's getting me back in the mode of doing homework before I start my real semester in September. And it's required so I can't really complain about it can I? :)

My birthday is coming up and I don't really have anything planned. It kinda saddens me. I'm used to having huge parties with all my friends. But things are always so hectic/chaotic here and there are a lot more people's schedules that need to be considered around here I guess. We'll see how it goes. This is my last birthday before I get married though. Next year is going to be totally different :D

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