Friday, June 25, 2010

Best blog-hopping night...EVER (Fairly wordy, but I think it's a good post)

So tonight after I left Ian's house I felt so good. I am so excited to marry him and be sealed to him forever. I sent him a text from the first light after his house (no drive-texting for me!) and said "While I don't like the feeling of leaving you at night, I love the feeling of knowing that we are being completely good right now." We've been engaged FOREVER it seems and it could be very easy to mess up, but we both know it's not worth it so it's not going to happen.

So after I got home, feeling all good about myself and what not, I decided to do some blog hopping. I hit the lovely "next blog" button on the top of the screen. I was sent to a family from St. George. I ended up clicking on a friend of theirs, a photographer, because I wanted to see more of her work. After checking it out, I hit "next blog" again (what? You know you blog stalk too :P)

*This time I was sent to one with a quote in the sidebar about heaven.
*Then one with a tagline (that's what I'm calling that little line people put like over their picture) "We have been chosen to raise children of the King. A son and two daughters of the Most High. What a privilege...and a responsibility."
*Thanking Jesus for the men in her life
*A blog with a list of ministries and Bible commentaries in their own section of sites s/he visits.
*I was greeted with a picture of a man with a cartoony giant ear and the title "Listening to God today?"
*A blog titled "Moms United Prayer for Unsaved Family"
*A blog from a cancer patient who leads ministries around the world. His tagline is "Dave's point of view with a Christ-like perspective. "God said it, not me""
*A blog following a mission youth group's activities
*A pastor's blog
*A blog from a student who's just finished her first year at a Christian University who had an amazing poem of God as her top post. (Remember this one...)
*"Chocolate and Coffee, being a Pastor's wife"
*A mom wanting to update her friends on her daughter's Bible study*
*A religious works author, who is a convert to the Catholic Church and a former Episcopal priest.
*Another Father's Day post being thankful to all the fathers in her life, including in Heaven
*Looking at Truth, Looking to God's Word for real answers to all the questions life brings
*Lectionary commentary from the Massachusetts Bible Society
*Remember that blog about the student with the poem. It brought me back here...

So I decided to read the poem. It's the lyrics to a song called "In Christ Alone." There are so many versions of it on youtube. Here is just one I found...

I think it's interesting of all the times I hit "next blog" I ended up with a strong overtone of love of God. It's funny because I always feel weird talking about religion too much on here, but I'm not sure why exactly. Here's 20 some blogs that I just clicked on randomly that have no fear or regret posting these messages.

By the way, I thought I'd see where else it goes. The next one led me to a post about a solar oven. I thought I had finally run out my luck? Nope, I scrolled down a little further. The man was making a solar oven because he lives off the land so he can enjoy all of God's wonders. Let's see what else....


  1. I think it's great to be proud of yourself for having a goal and sticking to it, and if your goal is chastity and you're living your life chastely, then more power to you. However, I don't like hearing you describe sex, with a man you're in love with and committed to (and who is committed to you!) as "messing up." And that not having sex means you are being "good." Does that make sense?

    Your computer kinda knows your bag, so to speak. Like how facebook shows you ads you're most likely to respond to. For me it's programs for egg donation and GRE study aides. Because I'm hawesome. ;)