Sunday, July 5, 2009


Okay, so it's been a crazy weekend! Thursday I got a new position at work, being in the baby room and I'm so excited! I get to make lesson plans and teach the kids things and I'm really grateful for the chance I get! Woohoo!!

Then we (Cherie and I) left for Utah. We got to Blackfoot and the car went ka-plooey. That was at like 2, and we got home around...9. The engine seized so her brother had to come pick us up and then bring us back to Rexburg until he and his wife left the next morning. Well the whole time we were there I was being logical and quick thinking and trying to help as much as I could. But unfortunately I never let it set in that there was a problem so by the time we put it into someone else's hands and I could finally stop, I got myself in such a panic that I decided to just stay here. I didn't want to be a Debby Downer for the trip if I couldn't get myself calm.

So Friday I hung out in Rexburg and then Blake came over and watched a movie. Then I went to the Farmer's Market and hung out with Alicia for pretty much the whole thing. I brought $20 and got: 4 mini cupcakes (one is a fluffernutter flavor, I'm SO excited to eat it!), Cranberry/Cherry Granola, a Corn on the Cob on a Stick, a chunk of fudge, some pomegranate hand/foot scrub, and an adorable bracelet! And I got a couple truffles from Alicia and some caramel corn, which I don't even typically like but she has a knack for making awesome food! Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. And I can't wait for next week!! I was out there handing out samples and just had an awesome time!

Then I went and saw Transformers again with Jon and it was awesome. I think I liked it even better this time. And I put together an adorable outfit too!

Saturday came and I went to the grocery store for cream cheese and yogurt. It took forever because the parade took up the important streets, but I figured it out. I got my food, drove around with Chloe, and then took a mini-nap. I went to the park to help Alicia sell more chocolates, and had an awesome time there too! I was thinking of wearing my lion suit, but it was so stinking hot and I looked cute in my dress so I was torn...and the dress won.

After the park, I headed down to Blake's family's lunch and played this game called ladderball. It was surprisingly fun, that is, until I broke the bolo (two rubber balls connected by a piece of string). Blake's dad pink carded me until I got it fixed. Well, I thought I fixed it, but apparently not well enough and when it got thrown it separated again. Then I tried to fix another one, and I was pretty much banished from the game haha!

I got the pink card taking away, finally, for carrying chairs to and from the fireworks spot. And guess what...I've been debilitatingly terrified of fireworks for I don't know how long....and this time I told myself, "Suck it up girl, it's time to be a grownup." And I had an AWESOME time! I was sad when the were over! And of course, I got no pictures because I left my camera in my purse at the house and then my phone died checking the score of the Arizona/Colorado game, but Arizona won, so that was good haha! But I have witnesses that I was there and I had no freak outs!

After the fireworks I had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich at like midnight and then headed back to Rexburg. All in all it was a good weekend. I wish I would have gone with Cherie, I miss her family and I was excited for the play her grandma was going to take us too, but I figured I had to make a decision when I did and that was the best one at the time. There will be other trips.

Phew, that was a long one. I'm gonna eat some of that granola now and try to remember to bring my camera with me to stuff so I can make these a little more exciting to read!


  1. baby room! are you getting more hours? i can't imagine you staying put in that room all might go crazy. do you have that position through the fall? i want to come back and cook you food.

  2. Yeah, full time again. My wallet is going to be fatty mc fat fat! And I can do it, because we moved to Judy's room so it's bigger now. I will be a-okay! Especially if you come cook food!! How are you doing?

  3. Yay! Good job! I'm so proud of you, Bethany.