Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awesome Possum

That's me, except I'm not a possum. But if I were, I'd be an awesome one.

I went to a cemetery last week sometime. I was actually okay with it. I used to be so afraid of them. I think I walked on some people. Sorry.

I have absolutely nothing exciting to talk about that has pictures to go along with them anyway. My roommate and I occupied ourselves for an hour with a game where I'd say a word, and she'd say one that started with the last letter of my word. An hour people. We are awesome. And we never repeated a word. Have you ever wondered how many words you actually know? Too many my friends!

Oh, wait, I might have stories!!

Cherie went to California this last weekend for the break. That meant I was in Utah for the weekend visiting my friends. My first stop was Temple Square. After the semester I had I really wanted to go. I took a tour which was really cool.

Then I ran over to the Gateway Mall and surprised Jared. It was awesome. I got a very pretty dress and shiny gold shoes and shirt for $35 (all of it at original cost would have been over $200, yeah, I'm that good).

Then I went and saw Diana and Troy, then went to Meghan's where I promptly fell asleep after saying "no, I'm not tired..." Yeah, famous last words people. The next morning Kyle was super happy (their son) and I snapped a couple pictures.

His dad got some awesome ones later, but I really like this one, so I'm going with it.

Chloe wanted a new camera yesterday so we went to Best Buy and then over to the mall where I spent a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket since my birthday. I got the cutest dress! Originally $44, I only paid $8 with tax. Yay to clearance and gift cards!!! :)

And here is a picture of my birthday dress, because I forgot to take one earlier. Look how SHINY it is haha! And the shoes, totally sexy!!


  1. What the sexy mamacita in that green one! Holy cow you are a great bargain shopper! I can never find cute stuff on sale. :(

  2. Thank you Rach! When I come to Arizona we will bargain shop :)

  3. Beth is sexy. Sexy and awesome.

    Shaweet posing. No, seriously.

    My word: pradde

  4. I love all those dresses! You look so good! Seriously, Rachel is right! I can't believe how much they cost you!

  5. Beth I'm going to stop looking at your blog if you stop posting like this... how's the move? Hope all is well! I missed you at the market - & I need you taste all my new stuff!! :)

  6. IM UPSET. WHY ARE THERE NO NOW POSTS BETH?!!? Get on it! Miss you