Monday, April 6, 2009

Help...I'm half serious too in that plea...

I woke up this morning thinking I really needed a new entry. Well, this is not what I was going for.

TRUE STORY. Please don't think I'm doing this for attention. I'm a little worried.

I was sitting in the bathroom, minding my own business, staring at the wall. You know how some walls are done with a rough paint coat so sometimes its like looking at clouds and you can almost see designs or something?

Well, I thought I saw a shoe. Then all of a sudden, the shoe got bigger and kicked me in the head. I moved my head to dodge it!


I've officially lost it. Help me. Please....

I'm thinking it's the cold medicine, stress of school, the need of a good kick in the head, and probably the fact that today I've had a Jamba, a chocolate muffin, hot cocoa, and trail mix.....Yeah, that might explain it ;) But what if it doesn't?

(PS: The paper that I just quit working on because I didn't know what else to totally got accepted. There is hope for this semester yet!)


  1. well.... dear, i think we should get you fitted for one of those lovely white jackets with the straps on them... wouldnt that be nice?? yeah, we will take care of you. just relax.
    <3 Jules

  2. Do I still get to use forks at dinner?? Or am I reduced to spoons, and if I'm really good, can I use a spork??!

  3. hahaha, why wouldn't a shoe kick you in the head??? that is not random at all. you're the best.

  4. Wow, that is an interesting scenerio. I've had shoes kick me in the pants, but never in the head. You are not alone in the world of mystery mind tricks, though. The other day I was positive there was a spider on the living room floor, and worse, it was jumping at me! I screamed for Jason to come and get it, only to discover (from Jason) that it was nothing more that a small pile of black thread. Yep, I'm a wimp....:)