Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You win some, you lose some

So, I totally rocked one of my papers, titled: "Roaring Camp: Better Luck Next Time!" It's about the lack of authenticity of an author named Bret Harte and his story "The Luck of Roaring Camp." My teacher totally high-fived me for it today too. 

But then there was "Why do Ghosts go Bump in the Night?" That one stunk, I know it. I just couldn't get a hang of the theory or the requirements for the paper so I was sinking from day one. But that's okay. In the eternal scheme of things one paper is really not going to change whether or not I make it to heaven haha! 

I'm going to start another paper, a research paper this time, on the fanatical behavior of "superfans." I'm not sure why I put that in quotes. It seems appropriate though. One of my teachers said that the air quote is overused. I replied, "Duh, that's because it's awesome." Everyone in my class laughed. 

I like being the funny girl. Not the standup comedienne type funny girl, or even the physical humor. Just the random, "Did she really just say that out loud?" comments. Those are the best. Those are the ones that really get people laughing.

Today and tomorrow is my busy day. I've got homework today (notice the blogging haha) and work and bowling tonight! I'm not sure if I'm going to bowl tonight or not truthfully. There are more girls on our team and I want them all to have a chance. And it's not like my 87 is really holding the team together! We'll see though. Maybe someone one will be busy and I'll just have to. We're in second place because we're AWESOME! 

Spencer leaves for California Friday afternoon for the weekend. He gets to sleep in a hammock in his yard, swim in his pool, and chillax in his hot tub. I'll be here, going to school and to work. It's actually pretty nice here today. I brought my coat, but I haven't worn it yet today. But on Saturday I'm going with my friend to look for her wedding dress, and I will probably watch a movie with my roommates, and I want to go eat at Red Robin! The doctor said I can have whatever I want long as I'm keeping my fats down. Sa-weet! Grilled salmon burger here I come!!! So I'll still have a good time, but I'll miss that crazy kid! 


  1. SO.. me and alex and blake are going to Red Robin on Saturday...

  2. I love Ainsley's comment...I would like an answer to that too! Tell Spencer to bottle the sunshine and bring it our way, I need spring! Oh, and have fun at Red Robin! The Santa Fe burger is so tasty, you should get that too!

  3. No. He's only kissed me on the cheek. And I still smile about it. It was a couple days ago haha! And what time are you three going to Red Robin? And I don't know if I can eat 2 burgers...maybe I can get one of my friends to order that one. And...yeah, that's all :)

  4. Hey friend! I'm so glad that you have been having such a great life! And I'm glad that you are so happy! And I'm glad that I'm finally back to my old self--I have truly missed me! I lurve you loads!!!