Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tons of sleep, no nachos, and no crashes

So today I woke up at 6:30 am, which I'm supposed to do every day. Except today. I jinxed myself at work yesterday. I don't remember who I told, but I told someone that I was afraid I'd wake up in time for work today. Boo being psychic haha

I had no nachos today, but I did have 2 smoothies. And a fabulous stir fry! Mmm, holy yum. The second smoothie isn't as good, but I needed something in my belly to take my meds I forgot to take with dinner. 

And the St. Anthony demolition derby was tonight, but I didn't go, even though I've wanted to for like, a year. Things just didn't work out right today. All of a sudden I had no idea who I'd be going with; even though I had told a lot of people, I could only remember one person that said they'd come. And then he didn't want to go either. So yeah, oh well. I wish Andrew and Katie had come down today. I kept looking out the window hoping. I'm not sure why, I knew they weren't, but oh well. 

I did find a really fun blog today, actually a couple. But this one is a magazine editor turned stay at home mom and she has the cutest ideas for free things to do with toddlers. It made me sad, a little excited, but kinda sad. Someday....but not anytime soon. 

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