Monday, April 26, 2010

Burn the stamps!

This is in honor of my friend Ellen who pretty much rocks at life.

She wrote a really nice post today that I feel like I can relate to. Granted, she was writing from the perspective of being married, pregnant, and her husband is in medical school, but other than that, I think I'm right there with her haha!

Here's part of her post:

We were told a thousand times "Just wait until you're married, then _______________ will change. That's just the way it is." Well, I hate to inform the world, but none of the things those people told us turned out to be true. It's NOT just the way it is. Sorry. [We] are, to put it plainly, a different sort of couple. That's not to say we are cool or anything, just different. We don't watch sports. We don't have "girl's nights" or "boy's nights" to have some time away. We've never had an argument or a fight. Disagreements? Yes. More in love than on our wedding day? Absolutely. ... My point is, life isn't a rubber stamp. One thing most certainly doesn't equal another. 

I was told a while back that I needed to have a fight with Ian to know if I really wanted to marry him. I didn't like that. If Ian and I disagree about something we work it out. Sometimes we'll joke after we "fix" the "problem" that we should have let it become a fight just so we can get married. But that's all it is to us. A joke. We know how to be serious, but we don't have to fight to be serious. Maybe everyone gets it and I'm being boring, but hey, at least I'm posting, right? :)

Anyway, I hope that when we get married and Ian is eyebrow deep in school work and everything else is going on that I can be as cool and level-headed as my friend Ellen. Yeah, she might not be stressed but she doesn't let it rule her life. 

Today's picture you get:
Yay for free circus noses!!

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